About Dirt Rich Farm – Portland area farm and CSA

About Dirt Rich Farm

Dirt Rich Farm customers enjoy a wide variety of produce at local restaurants, select farmers markets and by participating in our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

Dirt Rich Farm is grown by friends, Allison Necheles and Ryan and Kerry Ramsay, in Wilsonville (15mi South of PDX) on the banks of the Mighty Willamette River.  Dirt Rich Farm does not rely on the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.  Instead, we use old and new gardening techniques to increase soil health and diversity so that we may thrive.  Healthy people eat healthy food and healthy food comes from healthy soil.  Despite being only one acre in size, Dirt Rich produces a diverse and seasonal vegetable diet for 30-40 families.

Is Dirt Rich Farm certified organic?

Local small scale vegetable growers are learning more about farming now than ever.  In addition to being cost prohibitive for producers on our scale, Organic certification standards are bureaucratic in nature and slow to adapt to our new understanding of soil ecology.

Because we choose not to certify, we emphasize the importance of the trust that is built between farmers and the community.  To us, a conversation is more valuable than a label.  Check out our growing practices page to see if we align with your values.