Dirt Rich Farm 2018 CSA

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What is a CSA?
What shares does Dirt Rich Farm offer?
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How do I pay for a CSA? (and SNAP Benefits)

What is a CSA?

Allison and Ryan – your farmers

We would like to invite you to join our CSA program for the summer of 2018!

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” In the spring, members purchase a share for the 22-week main season. Each week, members receive a selection of seasonal produce harvested at the peak of flavor and quality. A CSA is a mutually beneficial partnership between Members and Farmers. At its heart, the program relies on members and farmers coming together as a community to share the risks and rewards of local food systems.

A scene from the garden
  • Potential Risks– Natural risks are inherent in food production, and it is possible that some crops may fail or be damaged due to poor weather, drought, disease, or unexpected frost. We grow a diverse array of crops in order to mitigate this risk; if one crop fails, we have more!
  • Rewardsvaried seasonal produce of the highest quality and nutritional value, community building with farmers and other CSA members, sharing in the bounty of bumper crops, and assurance that your food is being produced ethically

Dirt Rich Farm will act in good faith to:

  • Provide fresh produce for the duration of the season
  • Support the health of our members, soil, and watershed by not using synthetic fertilizers or herbicides.
  • Promote diversity on the farm to naturally limit our exposure to pest and disease.
  • Utilize appropriate season-extending techniques to mitigate weather (e.g. covering fragile plants with row fabric in case of frosts)

Thank you for your interest in our CSA. Together we will eat well and continue to strengthen our community!

Your farmers,
Allison, Kerry and Ryan

Our Shares

Dirt Rich Farm’s CSA Program is a 22-week season  – Season runs from May-October. Shares are limited and are available on a first come, first serve basis.
Vegetable Share
Contains 5 to 10 fresh items each per week. Produce includes roots, vegetables, greens, salad mixes and culinary herbs. Items are selected by seasonal availability, quality and freshness.

  • Family Share – $700 – Produce for 1-4 people.
  • Individual Share – $375 – Produce for 1-2 people.
Dirt Rich Farm Produce
Dirt Rich produce

What does a CSA share look like?

For 2018 we are planning to grow over 90 different varieties of crops. Here is a sample list of produce that may be available at different parts of the season. Remember that this is a tentative list and weekly shares contain 5 to 10 items based on seasonality and availability.

Early Season(May-Jun) Mid Season (Jul-Aug) Late Season (Sep-Oct)
Asian Greens
Green Garlic
Bok Choy
Salad Mix
Summer Squash
Fresh OnionsStrawberries
Winter Squash

Dirt Rich Farm CSA Pickup Locations

  • Thusdays – SE Portland (SE 28th and Holgate, 4-7pm)
  • Tuesdays – Canby, OR – (4-7pm)
  • Mondays – NE Portland (NE 12th and Alberta, after 4pm)
  • TBD

If you are an employer and are interested in hosting a CSA drop-off for your employees, please contact us at csa@dirtrichoregon.com.  We would love to be a part of your organization’s commitment to health and sustainability! 

Our goal is for all members to enjoy their share each week.  We understand that life happens and we are happy to work with you.  Otherwise unclaimed shares will be donated and there is no refund for unclaimed shares.

If you cannot pick up your share:

  • Arrange to have a friend or neighbor pick-up your produce!  Please notify us with a text, call, or email in advance so we can welcome your friend.

Please notify us at least 24hrs before pickup so we can adjust our harvest accordingly.

Dirt Rich Farm CSA Payment

Payment information coming soon!

SNAP Benefits

In collaboration with the Portland Area CSA Coalition, Dirt Rich Farm can accept SNAP benefits as payment for the 2018 CSA.  SNAP benefits are only available for vegetable shares and not for add-on items and at this time.

SNAP payments are structured as follows and occur on the day benefits are received (between the 1st and the 10th):

May June July August September October Total
Full Share  $        50.00  $     130.00  $     130.00  $     130.00  $     130.00  $      130.00  $      700.00
Half Share  $        50.00  $        65.00  $       65.00  $       65.00  $       65.00  $       65.00  $      375.00

If a participant loses their benefits during the season they must arrange an alternative form of payment in order to successfully complete the season.

2018 CSA Registration is open – click here to join!

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